Dj Bongz says the R800 cap sales were a joke after cap designer threatens to sue

By Qhama Dayile
28 April 2016

KZN Dj, Bongz has been all over the web marketing his new cap designs named Gwaragwara which were priced at a whooping R800 a pop.

It has been revealed that the designs are not the DJ's original work after VIANEL, a clothing design company in New York sent him tweets threatening to sue if he did not remove the designs from his social media as he does not have the copyright to use them.

A few hours later, the KZN DJ posted a long political message saying how the whole thing was a joke and that he would never rob his fellow South Africans by over charging them R800 for a cap and that his caps will only cost a mere R200.

He also added that he will be going ahead with the idea but the designs will change.

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