DJ Sabby on becoming a father and The Best Drive Show

By Molife Kumona
05 April 2017

The DJ is excited about his drive time show and becoming a father

YFM Drive time host DJ Sabby who is an expecting father spoke to DRUM about his show The Best Drive, his future in radio and becoming a father

It’s almost two years The Best Drive Show, how has that been? And why the name The Best?

It’s called The Best Drive because my name is Sabby ‘the best thing ever’, so everything I do is around the word best. So the same thing with drive time, I was like why offer people a normal radio show when you can give them a best drive home. So that is how I came up with the name.

Has YFM been affected by its own ‘reshuffle’?

No not at all. However, if you look at it YFM creates most of the talent and they are taken by the big station, in particular Metro FM. Most of their big stars are from YFM.  DJ Fresh, Mpho Maboi, Adil, Dineo Ranaka, Amon and Mo Flava are all products of YFM, so the reshuffle hasn’t affected us but at some point some talent will leave, YFM is the hub that nurtures and grows the talent.

So what’s your dream in terms of radio as a radio personality?

I’m a big fan of London radio; I wouldn’t mind experiencing being a radio jog on one of the London stations before I look on creating my own thing. I am also interested in looking into digital radio and maybe do podcasts and syndicate them throughout Africa.

You announced earlier in the year that you and your girlfriend are having a baby, how is that journey and why did you post that info on your social media?

My woman wanted to share this and I told her to wait for six months then we can share and because we have respect for one another it was hard for her to hold the silence for the past of six month.

It’s eight months and I’m excited it has been a crazy eight months and I can see the baby growing through her. I am working around what type of father I will be to my son because, I don’t have that father reference to take from because my father died when I was 10. But I am bent on being a great father to my child.

Lastly five things people would be surprised to know about you.

That I’ll be a father,

I’m shy guy,

I’m a mama’s boy; I love my mom a lot.

I have two brothers and one sister.

I love alternative music.

Catch Sabby on YFM for The Best Drive 3-6pm Mon-Friday

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