DJ Sox: I'm a family man now!

By Drum Digital
08 September 2010

HE USED to be one of the bad boys of house music with a reputation for throwing wild, crazy parties – but these days you’re more likely to find the popular turntable maestro lying on the couch watching TV, having a quiet glass of wine with his sweetheart on the patio or playing in the garden with his four-year-old son.

It’s all about family now, DJ Soxsays as he welcomes DRUM into his stylish three-bedroom home in Glen Anil, Durban. His son, Mvelo, follows his mom, Gloria Bluebird, into the kitchen where the lady of the house – clearly a gracious hostess – puts on the kettle and slices into a deliciouslooking chocolate cake.Sox (real name Mbusi Sokhela) takes us into the lounge, a neat room filled with leather couches and a big flat-screen TV. Gloria (26) has added her feminine touch in the form of warm cushions, billowing cream curtains and a funky carpet. And although Mvelo’s toys have been packed away for our visit there are still signs a kid lives here.

Photographs of the little boy adorn walls and surfaces and artworks he has done at preschool brighten the kitchen. The pool has been covered with a safety net so his parents have peace of mind when their son plays outside in the lush garden.

“I’ve scaled my lifestyle back these days and I think I’ve grown a lot as well,” Sox (33) says. “I’m still at the club at weekends but that’s work. I make time during the week to hang out with Mvelo and Gloria as much as possible. I usually take my son to crèche and I make sure not to miss any of his special days at school. I’m a very involved, hands-on dad.”

Gloria, a voluptuous beauty who hails from Pietermaritzburg, flashes a smile at her man. “Yes, he’s a great dad and very much a family man,” she says. “He puts us first and he’s always there when we need him.”

This is a far cry from the image Sox used to have. Not too long ago he made the news after he had apparently been admitted into rehab because of a drug problem. Newspapers claimed he was in so much trouble he was on the verge of losing his house but Sox insists he wasn’t into heavy drugs.

“Yes, I have been a bit of a bad boy. I do drink and I have smoked the odd joint but that’s it,” he says.

“Those stories hurt both me and my family. It’s not nice to have your name dragged through the mud like that. I’m lucky my family as well as Gloria’s were supportive.” Sox also made the news when he and DJ Tira fell out a few years ago. The pair used to make up hitmakers Durban’s Finest and were popular on the club scene but they haven’t worked together for a long time.

He diplomatically skirts around the reason for the conflict. “You know, I’m not really sure what happened there and if you asked Tira I’m certain he’d say the same thing. Tira was more the face of Durban’s Finest and I was the behind-the-scenes man at the time. We just kind of drifted apart as I had other business ventures going on.” But they’ve since patched things up and “there’s no beef there”, he adds.

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