By Mpho Tshikhudo
27 February 2017

“Arthur had to intervene,” said our mole. “Otherwise the lads were getting out of control.”

By all accounts, the proceedings at Metro FM Music Awards (MMA 16) at the weekend made a good spectacle. Away from the cameras people got up to serious partying and, as was expected, there was a bit of drama here and there. Details are still sketchy but news has come to light now that DJ Tira and Professor almost got physical backstage on account of a misunderstanding or other. Our highly placed source told us that if it wasn’t for king of Kwaito, Arthur Mafokate, the lads were likely going to hurt each other.

“I am honestly scared to comment just in case you guys misquote me but it was a small thing and I am sure you saw that it was managed,” said Arthur in a text message when we reached out to him for comment.

“I adore both parties’ work and I felt we shouldn't let it be seen by our supporters because it would have made wrong headlines. I spoke to Professor and he apologised to me. And I suggest the Metros give artists more time to talk in future.”

Professor and DJ Tira could not be reached for comment.

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