DJ Tira rubbishes the rumours on Big Nuz leaving Afrotainment

By Drum Digital
22 January 2016

A few days ago, news came that Big Nuz was threatening to leave Afrotainment as it was alleged that the group was underpaid.

On Wednesday, DJ Tira came out by fire to rubbish all the rumours that have been doing the rounds on social networks.

When asked on Tru FM, Tira said “I feel like people are waiting for us to confirm that yes Big Nuz is leaving Afrotainment,

He went on to say that people need to understand that they are brothers and they are happy as ever.

“It’s so unfortunate that these rumours always come up and the only thing I can say is that, the devil is a liar,” he said.

So to clear all the confusion, Big Nuz isn’t parting ways with Afrotainment.

He also took to Facebook to dismiss the rumours on behalf of Afrotainment,

“Although we would not normally entertain street rumors aimed at defaming us you can only take so much as you watch someone drag your name in the mud.

Over the past 8years we have grown from strength to strength due to the commitment, sweat and tears we shared as young black and gifted individuals. Our ethos at Afro is based on family. We were a family in the beginning. We are a family now and we will stay a family until the casket drops. It is this very ethos that makes us a unique and successful business and it is this very ethos that has kept us together. Whilst we are not obligated to share what we do with our profits to anyone, we cannot continue to watch as lie after lie after lie is entertained at our expense...”

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