DJ Zinhle allegedly tried to sabotage Bonang

By Drum Digital
27 May 2016

During this whole DJ Zinhle, AKA and Bonang fiasco a lot of people have commended DJ Zinhle on how she has handled the situation and she has decided not to revenge.

However, according to a tweet during AKA's rant earlier today, DJ Zinhle may have not let Bonang off the hook that easily in the initial stages of the affair coming out.

"Legal action was pursed because they started writing emails and letters trying to get B's sponsors to drop her. Bet you didn't know that?," AKA tweeted.

Looking at the tweet the legal action maybe the one where Bonang took legal action and asked DJ Zinhle to apologise late last year and the they could refer to DJ Zinhle and her team.

Whatever the case may be, after the Twitter rant DJ Zinhle has remained quiet prompting us to question whether or not AKA is actually telling the truth about the alleged sabotage.

Is DJ Pinhole's message of no revenge a lie? have your say below

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