Dj Zinhle & Brendon are still together y'all

By Misha Solanga
24 July 2017

Brendan and Zinhle have pulled back from posting pictures on their social media

Amidst alleged break up rumors being tossed around the inter-webs, Dj Zinhle and her man, Brendan Naidoo seem to still be together. Reports claim that the Dj broke up with Brendan weeks ago but this seems to be far from the truth. The businessman posted a picture of himself and Zinhle looking happy.

He refers to her as "My Love" and goes on to say that she is a blessing to him and that her presence is heaven. Here is the sweet Instagram post

Image: Brendan & Dj Zinhle/ Image: Brendan & Dj Zinhle/

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