DJ Zinhle's unfortunate weekend incident

By Drum Digital
03 July 2017

Zinhle wasn't broken by the incident

DJ and business woman DJ Zinhle had an unfortunate incident yesterday, when a fan stole her phone. DJ Zinhle opened up about the incident on her Twitter saying that the guy had posed as a fan who wanted a picture with her, but instead pick-pocketed her.

"So last night a fan asks me for a picture, there I am nami giving it my best smile kanti the rubbish is pickpockeging me.. phone gone!," DJ Zinhle tweeted.

Zinhle didn't seem too pissed about the incident but instead poked fun on the guy saying; "Phones can be replaced but I just bhuti to know that if he needs the charger bo, ikhona... phela i wont be needing it anymore."

DJ Zinhle went on to say; "So I'm wondering if ubhuti is looking at the picture of us right now.. the least he can do is use it as a screen saver on his new iPhone 7."

It's nice to see that the DJ didn't let the incident dampen her spirit.

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