“DJs are not musicians” - Don Laka

By Drum Digital
26 February 2016

Don Laka stands by his words

Jazz maestro Don Laka was not mincing his words when he called out a few DJs in a Facebook post a few days ago.

The legendary jazz musician lamented over the fact that the DJs all work for one radio station (Metro FM) and “self-promote each other”.

He called this “the biggest fraud and conflict of interest” as artists are taken off the playlist in favour of the famous DJs. Some of the DJs mentioned included Shimza, Mo Flava, Malwela, Oskido, Naves and Christos.

Don Laka Facebook

Even when a few DJs responded to Don’s Facebook post, Laka didn’t look set on backing down from what he said.

“DJs are not musicians,” Laka told Destiny Man. “I know they’ve been lying to everyone, but the turntable is not a musical instrument. It was not designed to make music; it was designed to play back music. The belief that DJs are musicians is one big lie,” he said.

Laka went on to say that he is not bitter; rather, he’s trying to bring awareness to an issue that’s killing Mzansi musicians.

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