Do you know what your kids are doing online?

By Drum Digital
09 June 2014

As the news of an animal fetish online porn scandal went viral today, parents around the country were shocked that two high school girls were involved in making the videos. But the National Prosecuting Authority has warned parents that posting any pictures of naked babies and children to social media is a criminal offence and is also seen as a form of child pornography.

Cape Town schoolgirls shock with porn

News24 reports the two Edgemead High School girls seen in the porn video haven’t been expelled from the school and will be allowed to write their June exams. The Western Cape education department reportedly said it’s up to the school’s governing body to decide whether disciplinary action will be taken against the girls after a video of them performing sex acts while crushing live fish underfoot and wearing their school uniforms was found online. This type of pornographic material is known as a crush video and it shows small animals being seriously injured or crushed to death while people are seen taking part in sex acts.

Know what your child is doing online

It’s extremely important parents know what their kids are involved in and posting online. Click here for more on sexting and our expert’s five top tips for regulating what your child does online and on their phone.

Keep your kids safe online

It’s also your responsibility to teach your kids to use the internet safely. Here are tips for keeping your children safe online. 

Don’t ever post naked pics of your kids

Eye Witness News reports the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) warned parents against posting naked pictures of their kids on social sites such as Facebook and Instagram during an open dialogue in Cape Town as part of National Child Protection Week last week. The NPA explained the reason for this is that parents may post these images in innocence, but others could abuse or manipulate it.


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