Does she still love me?

By Drum Digital
12 November 2015

I’m 30 and have been married for five years. My wife doesn’t want sex any more unless she’s had a few beers. She’s even asked me to get a girlfriend for sex but says she doesn’t want to lose me because she still loves me. Is she in love with me?

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Sis Dolly answers:

She’s told you she still loves you and clearly thinks you need sex more often, yet she doesn’t feel able to have sex unless she’s had a few drinks. It seems she’s just not enjoying sex with you any longer. It could be about you or she could be experiencing physical pain, for example. Or she’s having some sort of difficulty.

Have a serious discussion with her to find out exactly what’s troubling her. If it’s medical then get medical attention. If it’s something else then you can both either go for counselling or she needs to tell you how you can better satisfy her.

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