Does your marriage need a makeover?

By Drum Digital
11 November 2014

Needing a makeover isn't a bad thing - it's simply an attempt to make you feel better about something you once felt pretty good about.

Every so often we just get caught up in all of the responsibilities we have and forget the things that once received so much of our attention.

Many times these were the things that were central to keeping our relationships were fruitful.

Over time the excitement fades and couples settle into a mundane existence.

It doesn’t mean anyone is miserable but it does mean something needs to change to help recharge the marriage.

Here are some signs your marriage might be in need of a makeover"

You’ve neglected your appearance

If you have stopped caring about how you look, there are two major problems: You don’t care about impressing your spouse anymore and you don’t care much about impressing yourself.

You often sleep in separate rooms

This is reflective of  a need to reconnect again.

You can’t remember the last time you went on a date

Dating is just as important after marriage as it is before. When you continue to date each other, you maintain a powerful connection.

You feel like you don’t need privacy for anything

If you find that you stop caring and you are just doing things like using the bathroom with the door open all the time, you may need a makeover.

Being romantic is a distant memory

Your marriage needs all the romance it can get, so don't allow your busy lives to zap that out of your union.

Work interests you more than your spouse

If you find that your work is constantly taking priority, a few things need to change.

You don't have sex anymore

A marriage without sex is never a good thing (unless you just had a baby). Spice things up in the bedroom.

You're bored

If you are just bored with things, a makeover may be able to fix that.


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