Don Laka stirs Christians up the wrong way

By Drum Digital
04 July 2016

Of late, the legendary musician has been plagued with controversy for his views.

Besides pioneering the 90% local music on SABC radio stations, Don Laka boldly claimed that "DJs are not musicians" back in February.

The latest of his controversies is a religious debate that Laka called for on his Facebook profile, proclaiming through his comments that "Jesus is not God".

Through the post, Laka was highlighting the "inconsistencies" of the Bible, much to the irritation of some of his followers.

Continuing to defend his stance, the legendary musician refuted ideologies of 'hell' or 'heaven',  claiming that the Quran "makes a good reading like any book."

Christians didn't take lightly to Don's post, with some calling him names and others associating him with the devil. Asi Ligege wrote, ‘I find it really confusing what a non believer is doing in the bible?’, while Rythmic Sounds commented, ‘Don Laka you are really becoming irrelevant. Please stick to music affairs.' Andries Seale had this to say: 'Don Laka you are representing Lucifer, there is something wrong with your mind you are possessed…’ while Andy Keys wrote: ‘Dom – Don;  it rhymes neh? Mr Laka just proved that it doesn't only rhyme but it’s also one and the same thing.’

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