Don Laka's Facebook page shut down, yet again

By Drum Digital
03 August 2016

The legendary jazz musician's Facebook pages always do the most in terms of causing a stir.

No topic has been off limit for the social activist. From hitting out against the SABC not play-listing enough local music, to debating religion and to calling out DJs, Don has stood his ground where his opinion is concerned.

For the third time this year, Don Laka has landed in hot water again with the social media platform. This time around for posting a series of pictures of the apartheid regime, asking his followers to 'share this bit of history'.

"I don't understand why people are offended by our past. These things happened to our people, we are not making them up," he told Sowetan.

Laka posted his 'dompas', hospital signs and a master with his slaves. See the posts below:

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