"Don't force feed me Beyoncé just cause you buy into white capital hype" - Ntsiki Mazwai

By Drum Digital
03 November 2016

All it took was a fan's criticism to throw Ntsiki off the rails

Shortly after going at talk show host and radio DJ Anele Mdoda for overshadowing her guests, Ntsiki dealt with a fan. She took aim at American singer and actress Beyoncé after receiving criticism stating that just because Ntsiki trashes women whose preferences differ from hers doesn't make her a "deep thinker". This led to a bizarre twitter rant aimed at Beyoncé.

Ntsiki didn't hold back as she took aim at the Formation singer, going as far as to claiming that her intellectual level and Beyoncé's are not the same. She stated that Beyoncé is perfectly fake and she's not into her because she's fake, saying she prefers something real like Lauryn Hill.

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