Don’t panic if you didn’t get into university

By Drum Digital
12 January 2017

Not being accepted into college is not the end of the world. There is much that young people can do to prepare for tertiary education in 2018

Long queues stretch around colleges across the country since registration began on Monday as would-be students shuffle to find a place at various higher learning institutions.

There could be several reasons why leaners are lining up at enrolment offices at the last minute, such as applying late and missing the 2016 deadline, poor matric results, lack of funds and failure to receive Government funding.

There’s nothing worse than receiving a rejection letter from the college of your dreams, or walking away from an opportunity because you could not afford it.

But this is not a cause for panic because much can be done to prepare for tertiary education in 2018.

Here are some suggestions:

1 Consider taking up a bridging course to make up for poor matric marks.

2 Find a job and save to pay for your registration, textbooks and extras that can give you confidence for next year, such as new clothes, transport money and stationery.

3 Intern or job shadow at various companies in different fields so you know exactly what you want to study. You don’t want to regret choosing the wrong subjects halfway through the year.

4 Apply early for funding and meet National Student Financial Aid Scheme deadlines, or search for companies that are willing to fund your studies in line with what they do.

5 Consider taking a short course which could add to your score credit next year.

6 Do not sit at home and waste your time watching TV or going out and drinking alcohol with friends. Keep your mind occupied by reading books by people who inspire you, or those in the filed you want to study.

7 Do your research, check competitive prices on fees at various colleges and apply to more than one.

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