Don't trivialise what we do - Generations stars

By Drum Digital
15 September 2014

The Generations boycott begins today.

By Molife Kumona

Today Cosatu  alone with nine of the 16 fired Generations actors have called upon viewers to follow through with the boycott of the show starting tonight.

"We are calling upon viewers to switch their TVs off at 8pm. We need things to change and these 16 to have their demands work and thee boycott will ensure that," said Zwelinzima Vavi, Cosatu Secretary General.

The actors also addressed the reports on social media and some media on why as actors they should be paid more than doctors or teachers who according to some do harder jobs than acting. "Don't trivialise what we do please. We are workers who love what we do as much as you," said Thato Molamu almost emotional.

"As an actress I help you relax and forget your problems so yes I am worth what I am asking for," Nambitha Mpulwana said.

The actress also talked about how she hasn't done her radio show at Power FM in a while because of the demands at Generations. "I work 13 hours there and yet I am still called a freelancer, what freelancing can one do when I spend all my time there", she added.

Despite their push for a boycott the actors still expressed interest to go back to the show. “We love the show and we definitely want to go back,” said Patrick Shai

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