Dressed for success 3/3

By Drum Digital
05 January 2014

Linda's longing is halted suddenly.

At least Patience didn’t recognise her. Linda was glad of that. She opened her purse and pulled out three R100 notes. For Roger R300 was small change. As he always said, there was plenty more where that came from.

Patience took the money with dirty fingers and wide eyes. ??Oh madam, are you sure? Oh, God will bless you for this! You are an angel straight from heaven. God will give you more blessings than you can ever ask for.''

Linda walked away quickly, feeling sick and still searching for her Audi among the many luxury vehicles that filled the parking lot. And then she heard something that struck her heart with horror. She heard the homeless woman calling out the name of the man she had longed for all these years.

??Justice! '' the woman was calling. ??Justice, come and see. Three hundred! Can you believe it?''

And there, over the roof of a silver Mercedes Linda saw again the sweetheart of her youth. Justice Seboni. The most intelligent student of Sacred Heart Secondary.

But it was a terrible, terrible sight. He seemed to be a little drunk, staggering and swaying. He was dressed in filthy ragged clothes and had a bloody bandage around his head. Even from the distance across the Mercedes' roof, he smelt awful.

Linda leaned against the silver Mercedes, now feeling dizzy and shocked. Then she realised with amazement that her headache was gone. It was amazing. Even more amazing was that, for the first time in years, a wave of joy swept across her heart.

She thought of her husband Roger who took care of her so well. Yes, he was a winner. And he had made her a winner too. And right now she was going to go back to that boutique and change this depressing blue dress for the stunning red one. Roger loved to see her in red. He wanted her dressed for success. And he deserved to have what he wanted. After all, she was one lucky woman to be married to such a successful, wealthy businessman.

So Linda pushed herself away from that silver Mercedes not looking in through the back window even though she was right beside it. She headed back to the mall, back to the up-market boutique, going the long way round so that she wouldn’t have to pass the dreadful homeless couple.

That was a lucky, good day for Linda.

That was the day her migraines came to an end ? for good. That was the day she lost all her longing for Justice, her heartache that she’d dumped him. That was the day she became a happy, grateful wife who didn’t mind her noisy, bragging husband.

And luckiest of all, Linda had not taken the time to peer in through the back window of that silver Mercedes. For if she had, she would have seen lying on the back seat a thick file with the following words typed on it’s official-looking cover: UNDERCOVER: a field study into the plight of the homeless and dispossessed.

Undertaken jointly by Professor Justice Seboni and Dr Patience Seboni, Faculty

of Social Science, University of the Witwatersrand.

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