Dressed To Kill 2/4

By Drum Digital
28 January 2014

'He promised he's never be unfaithful to me.'

There was a loud knock on the dressing room door. And the voice was that of their colleague Mpho. “What’s going on in there? Veronica is wearing holes in her office floor with those six-inch heels of hers!”

“Tell her we have a difficult customer to deal with,” Juliet said. “We’ll be there as soon as we can.”

“Okay. It’s your funeral,” Mpho said. “I’ll try and convince her. But she knows the shop closed ten minutes ago.”

“Thanks, Mpho,” Juliet said. “Perhaps you could tell her we found a customer hiding in the changing rooms!”

“I’ll try,” Mpho said with a giggle.

“Come on, you can tell me about Vuyo. What’s wrong, Happiness?”

Juliet knew there must be something seriously wrong for Happiness to burst into tears like that. She’d known Happiness as a girl who lived up to her name – always happy and plenty of fun to be around.

Happiness began to cry again. “Vuyo is so possessive. At first I thought it was charming – but these days he even tells me what I must eat. He won’t let me wear any of my old clothes. He says guys will think I’m cheap.”

Juliet shook her head in disgust.

“There’s more,” Happiness said. “While he tries to control my life, he’s happy to disappear several nights a week with his friends.”

“Where do they go?” Juliet asked.

“To pubs and clubs I suppose. He says he likes to look at other women.”

“I can’t believe you actually allow Vuyo to go out a couple of nights a week so he and his mates can ogle other women!” Juliet was flabbergasted.

“Well, he’s only looking. He promised he’d never be unfaithful to me,” Happiness protested, realising how foolish she must sound.

“Happiness,” Juliet said sternly, “that’s what all the guys say – they want to have their cake and eat it. Unfortunatelylife isn’t like that.”

“I know all that,” Happiness said. “That’s why I’m so miserable. I don’t see why he should go out a few nights a week while I sit at home all alone. It’s a recipe for disaster – mix a few beers and some testosteroneand we all know what that leads to.”

“He doesn’t want you dressing up and going out because you’re absolutely ravishing, Happiness. I didn’t even realise what a stunning figure you have. Look at those curves.”

Juliet put her hands on her friend’s shoulders and turned Happiness around so she could look at herself in the mirror again.

Happiness sniffed and said: “He said the guys at the bar would eat me alive. At first I thought it was quite sweet, but now it’s depressing. I never have fun anymore. All I seem to do is wash and iron his designer labels so he can go out and enjoy himself.

I’m sick of it, Juliet!”

-by Agnes Kimberley

To be continued…

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