Drug dealers lace school children's sweets with drugs

By Drum Digital
10 November 2016

Police say the man who fed primary school children sweets laced with drugs is fishing for new buyers.

This after an incident landed 20 primary school children from Suidheuwels Primary School in hospital on Wednesday.

According to SAPS spokesperson Edna Mamonyane, the perpetrator is a man who is known by the learners and community because he sold sweets outside the school regularly.

“Those we have spoken to have given us a description and we are now looking for him,” she says.

Mamonyane believes the reason behind the incident is that the suspect is desperately looking to turn children into drug addicts so that they can become his customers.

“These drug dealers struggle to get into high schools because there are already dealers operating there,” Mamonyane says.

“Perhaps he thinks that if he gives children sweets laced with drugs, their bodies will get excited and they will come back to him asking him for more.”

But, sadly, the children reacted to the drugs.

“These are children aged between seven and 12. Their bodies are pure and innocent, that’s why they reacted badly,” she adds.

ER24 Emergency Response services spokesperson Russel Meiring said they were called out to the school where they found 20 children complaining about abdominal pains, nausea and vomiting.

“They were immediately treated and taken to South Rand and [Chris Hani] Baragwanath Hospitals for urgent care,” he says.

Mamonyane said the incident raised alarm bells.

“These children don’t live in the same home, so how can they all fall sick at the same time?” she asks. “That’s when we suspected drugs are involved.”

DRUM contacted the school several times to get info on the learners’ health but the principal was not available to talk.

More details to follow.

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