DRUM chats to Christina Milian

By Drum Digital
05 March 2015

She's a singer, actress and mom who manages to look stunning while doing it all.

DRUM chatted briefly to Christina Milian about her new music and her new reality show.

Speaking to us from her home in LA, Christina said she was excited to be sharing her life through her reality show with her fans in Mzansi. "I'm excited about the show, you get to see me in my different roles as an artist in the studio, making music I love and with my family. You see us with our very different sides and see my mom and sisters, my crazy family, having our ups and downs but proving that love conquers all," she said.

Having last released music in 2004, when everyone fell in love with her hit single, "Dip It Low", Christina has been hard at work recording new music with her new label - Young Money Entertainment - headed up by her rumoured rapper boyfriend. Lil Wayne.

The starlet has released a single called "Rebel" in the US which is doing well and will be available in South Africa at the end of the first season of her reality show.

"I'm excited about my new music. It's a new Christina Milian, a grown up Chrsitina Milian. I speak different and think different," she said of her upcoming album.

When asked whether or not fans could expect music similar to her hit "Dip It Low," Christina assured DRUM her sexy pop sound was still prevalent in her music: "My voice has changed, it's stronger and deeper but I still have the same sexy, relationship pop songs. It's like a 10 years later 'Dip It Low' sound, it's even better."

Her new music will also have some rap elements, a genre Christina says she has always loved and drawn inspiration from.

The singer and actress warns viewers to look out for some drama in her new show, but assures fans that balance is restored in the end.

Catch Christina Milian Turned Up every Sunday evening on E! for more on her family and music.

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