DRUM Exclusive: 'I just want to be a better husband to her'- Kenny Kunene

By Drum Digital
17 March 2017

Businessman Kenny Kunene recently tied a knot with a 22-year-old Nonkululeko Mhlanga and talks about his experience with her new wife.

Businessman Kenny Kunene recently said “I do”  to 22-year-old Nonkukuleko Mhlanga in a lavish traditional ceremony. The former “King of Sushi” talks to DRUM about his love experience with his new wife.

"Nkuli’s reluctance also stemmed from her mother’s disapproval – her mom was unimpressed with the playboy’s womanising ways and his public image."

“There was a war – she disapproved of our relationship,” Kenny says. “She called

Nkuli pleading with her to break up with me. She was worried I would use her daughter and dump her like all the other women I have been with in the past.”

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