DRUM Exclusive: "It's all real" - Papa Penny

By Drum Digital
09 March 2017

DRUM caught up with popular reality TV star Penny Penny and spoke to him about his show, Papa Penny Ahee

. Here’s how it went:

When and how did you decide to come up with the show?

“I never knew about the show. It started from Clash of the Choirs where I was a choir master, so they approached me. Whatever I was doing there attracted more people, people started to like me. So when I was taken out of the show, viewers rooted for my choir to win.”

Did you immediately agree doing the show or did you have to think about it?

“When I was approached last year in July, they came all the way to Limpopo and told me it was time to do what they had promised me, we went through a contract. I asked if they were sure. Having a show is not easy. Millions of people watch and want to be like me. I also wanted to be like someone.”

“Why did you agree to do the show?

“I watched people on TV and I wanted to be played. I wished to get to TV because it was not easy. I thought I will take this deal because I can get straight to TV because I’ve been waiting for this time. And yeah, we started working on it. I never thought the show would be this give as it’s not easy because there are no scripts.”

You have such long hair, do you take after family?

“Growing up, I like afro although I never used chemicals. I would just leave my afro like that. I had very long dreadlocks too. It’s approximately 500 centimeters long and we called ourselves ‘Rastas’, though it wasn’t allowed during the apartheid era.”

Are you done with shooting the Season 1?

Yes. And we are already talking about second season. We are coming soon. I can safely say I’m international. I just asked them if I could get a break before shooting again.”

What are some of your projects apart from the show?

“I’m doing so many things and I have other positions elsewhere. Like now, I am a councilor at the municipality and deputy president of another organisation. I know people want me again but I have to rest a bit. At least two months.”

What are some of the best moments of the show for you?

“Everything I did there was good. I can’t be specific. Everything I was doing is reality and that is me.”

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