DRUM Exclusive: Wendy Williams opens up to us

By Drum Digital
05 October 2014

I want to leave before I am escorted out- Wendy Williams.

Talk show host and Think Like A Man actress Wendy Williams chatted with DRUM about celebrities, being a mother, acting and her show being shown in Mzansi for the first time.

Congratulations on season 6 of the Wendy Williams Show...

Thank you so much, it has been a great five seasons and as we have just entered season 6 the show keeps growing in numbers so we are excited about that. I am also excited about the show coming to South Africa.

Yeah that's really cool. And we are the 53rd country outside the US to have the show. Was this your dream when the show started?

Well I dreamed it would get big, but God has exceeded my expectations.

In the past five seasons. Any favorite guests so far?

No not at all, I have enjoyed each and every one of the guests I have had. And I would like to also put it out there that I dont have a 'desired guest', I love each and every person who I have and will speak to.

We saw you act somewhat crazy but hilariously in the Think Like A Man movies. Any plans to keep acting?

Yes definitely, I love acting so I will continue with it. In fact I have a movie where I play a bigger role than in Think Like A Man that's coming out this Christmas people must look out for that one.

So you left radio after your talkshow began, why was that?

I knew that being a wife and mother juggling radio, TV and being present for my family would be hard, that is why I let that go. I didn't want to end up overwhelmed.

Okay, so how do you handle the juggling act of working mother and wife?

Its difficult, my husband Kevin helps out a lot with our son Kevin Jnr and other things we need. As I am speaking with you now I am doing a grocery list. All working women have these challenges but I always say we shouldnt be guilty if we cant be 'superwomen' because in my belief we cant have it all.

Two words to describe you?

Perfectly imperfect.

Dream for yourself?

Continue doing the talkshow but to leave when its time. I dont want to be escorted out, I want to leave while I am on top of my game.

Complete this statement...

Right now Wendy Williams is...

Grateful, successful, humbled and smart.

Any plans to come to South Africa?

I would love to but no solid plans yet.

Thanks Wendy!

Thank you. I hope people love the show and send us feedback. Now let me get back to finishing this grocery list.

By Molife Kumona

The Wendy Williams Show is on weekdays at 22:00 on BET Channel 135 on DSTV.

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