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By Drum Digital
10 April 2015

DRUM has done more good than bad for celebrities, says Khanyi Mbau

Talk show host Khanyi Mbau invited DRUM editor Makhosazana 'Khosi' Zwane-Siguqa on her show Katch it with Khanyi to have a chat about DRUM, Flabba, advice to celebrities and tabloid stories. Khanyi and Khosi spoke candidly about DRUM as well as how the two of them have sometimes been at loggerheads over celebrity versus media discussions.

"As DRUM we uphold values that are applicable to black people like Ubuntu. So no matter what story we cover we are never malicious in our telling of it," Khosi said after Khanyi had asked how DRUM gets its cover stories.

Khanyi went on to talk about how sometimes celebrities tend to have gotten afraid of media over the past couple of years as some magazines seem like they are out to get them.

"Nothing we publish is ever personal. That is why our stories change according to who makes news. One week its one person the next time its another person," Khosi explained. To which Khanyi replied "Please tell me when its my turn Khosi so I am prepared."

The interview went on to discuss some of DRUM's best covers and how as a magazine DRUM decides who to put on cover.

Khanyi asked Khosi what advice she would give to celebrities and she said, "I really wish our celebrities would take themselves and their place in the industry seriously. That will also help them conduct themselves in a better manner."

And after a bit of debate with Khosi, Khanyi agreed that despite having been in a few articles in DRUM over scandal the magazine has done a lot more good for her career than not. "DRUM has covered a lot of my work and has put me out there. It has done more good than the bad."

Former True Love editor Lerato Tshabalala joined the interview and also offered some advice to celebrities. "Celebrities should not make social media their diaries. That will comeback to bite them," Lerato said.

The full episode will air on season three of Katch it with Khanyi coming to ETV soon.

Katch it with Khanyi airs on ETV every Monday at 6pm.

By Molife Kumona

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