DRUM readers’ Mandela tributes

By Drum Digital
06 December 2013

It is without a doubt that Nelson Mandela has touched all of us in one way or another.

DRUM Facebook fans and readers weren’t reticent to share how they felt about Madiba’s life and death.

Readers remember the former president as having directly and indirectly impacted their lives.

“Madiba opened a door for us as black students to have an access in all different careers, because most blacks were allowed to work either as domestic workers, teachers, and nurses. All these careers were at the lower level. Today we have Engineers, Chemists, Analyst - which is the career I chose & Quality Assurance graduate, “said reader Thandi Maka-Asithandile Onwabile Skepe.

She added: “Because of him, I salute his greatness with gratitude and honour. As South African we shall continue in celebrating his life.”

Masa MaSeletedi Thebe said; “Please respect his death don't look for a political plot in this. Mandela didn't belong to the ANC he was for all of us.”

Babalwa Hali Ka Bangani: “Whenever he opened his mouth wise words came out of his mouth...He was a brilliant man.”

“I don’t doubt when I say he is my hero of all times,” wrote Jesaya Mogollwa Byz Malope.

“After the first democratic elections many believe and expected that civil war would hit South Africa. As a result many white left South Africa but no civil war was experienced people of all colours unite under his presidency as one nation,” he added.

Tshifhiwa Rathando shared that he had met Madiba in 1993. “He was canvassing for da 1994 elections in Clare Estates, Durban. Very humble man indeed.”

“Re tla dula re go gopola ka nako tsohle.”

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