Dumisani Mbebe marries actress

By Drum Digital
16 August 2012

A luxury Audi slowly makes its way down the Umlazi street lined with screaming fans.

Braving the icy KwaZulu-Natal cold to catch a glimpse of the handsome Inkaba star on his wedding day, the crowd parts to let the car through.

Dumisani Mbebe emerges from the car with a huge smile, eagerly greeting his fans. But his mind is not on the hundreds of female admirers trying to snap pictures of him – his focus is on his bride Mbali Maphumulo and the ceremony ahead.

Dumisani (37) has waited a long time for this day. It is the day he finally makes his sweetheart of four years his wife in front of their friends, family, fans and ancestors.

His excitement is palpable. “I can’t wait to call Mbali Mrs Mbebe,” he whispers to a friend. Dressed in traditional Xhosa regalia, Dumisani cuts a majestic figure as he makes his way to his makoti’s home.


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