Durban-based DJ Bongz is officially off the market ladies!

By Drum Digital
30 August 2012

The 36-year-old father of two boys is already traditionally married to his long-time girlfriend, whom he won’t name.

“We’ve done all the traditional rituals, including paying ilobolo. All that’s left is for us to have our white wedding,” he said.

DJ Bongz, whose real name is Bongani Dlamini-Ngcobo, is also claiming his true identity. He grew up using his mother’s surname, Dlamini, but recently added his father’s surname, Ngcobo, to his name.

He says his parents were never married but now that he wants to register his marriage, he feels it’s only right that he takes up his father’s surname so his family will carry his rightful name.

“My family, especially my mother, is happy about this and so am I,” he says.

But this isn’t all that’s keeping Bongz in high spirits these days, despite rumours that he’s using drugs and is gravely ill. His recently released album, DJ Bongz Emabalabala, is doing extremely well.

“So many lies have been reported about me. I’ve never taken drugs in my life and yes, I was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago but only because I caught a cold. I was in hospital for two days and was discharged in time to enjoy myself at the Durban July.”

Bongz says all he wants to do now is focus on his family, promote his album, keep his fans happy and grow his music production company, Emabalabala Recordings.

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