Durban father sends chilling WhatsApp message to grandmother – minutes before allegedly murdering son

By Drum Digital
01 May 2017

The message confused me - Tracy

“Hello, tell Lynette she’s lost… and you too.”

Those were the words in the WhatsApp message that Pravin Kubair (29) from Phoenix, in Durban, allegedly sent Tracy Sinayhakah, just minutes before he reportedly strangled and killed her grandson and his son Elijah (7).

“I never imagined something like this happening. Not even when I read the message. “The message confused me and I never thought he would harm the kids. He loved them too much,” Tracy told The Post.  

Elijah’s uncle, Raveen Kubair, told Phoenix Sun that Pravin and Lynette, Elijah’s mother, had separated but still maintained a good relationship for the sake of their two children.

Elijah and his four-year-old sister visited their father every weekend, but when the children never returned home the Sunday evening, Lynette decided to involve the police and search for them.

“Pravin left the house around 19:30 with the children,” Raveen explained.

Raveen tried calling him for hours and when he eventually answered, Pravin said he had murdered the boy.

“I immediately informed the family and they, along with the police, went in search of them. Around 01:00, they tracked down Pravin, Elijah and his sister. It was then that Pravin told me he had taken what was his,” said Raveen.

When the police arrived on the scene, they saw Pravin carry Elijah in his arms. They repeatedly asked him about his son but he avoided all questions.

“Officials forced Pravin to check if his son was still alive, but he didn’t show any reaction. They rushed to the clinic where Elijah was declared dead.

“Staff at the clinic noticed marks on the boy’s neck that showed strangling took place. The suspect was arrested,” Captain L. Naidoo, a communications official at the Phoenix police office, told Phoenix Sun.

Tracy told The Post that the only thing her granddaughter talks about is her brother’s death.

“She knows exactly what has happened to her brother. All she says is, ‘my brother is dead; Elijah is dead.”

When Elijah’s sister saw his small white coffin, she started sobbing uncontrollably.

“It’s extremely traumatic for us,” said Tracy.


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