DVD review: 9

By Drum Digital
11 August 2010

Rating 4/5 - Animated fantasy. 2009. 74 min. voices: elijah wood, John C reilly and Jennifer Connelly. Director: Shane Acker. 10v.

After a war in which humans’ war machines turned on their makers, no life remains on Earth. Then nine ragdolls created by the scientist who gave the machines their power mysteriously come to life. Roaming the post-apocalyptic wilderness they’re pursued by evil, monstrously mutated machines. The dolls’ only hope for survival is to try to figure out the scientist’s secret...

This remarkable flick started life as director Shane Acker’s film school project. Originally just 11 minutes long, it was nominated in 2006 for a best short film Oscar. Tim Burton, director of Alice in Wonderland, was so impressed he offered to produce this feature-length version.

It’s such an astonishing feat of imagination it’s hard to believe 9 is all one person’s vision. With a visual style and lighting effects that literally make the dolls and burnt-out scenery look like an oil painting this is a must-see for fans of fantasy and state-ofthe- art animation.Bonus: featurettes, deleted scenes, the original short film.

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