DVD Review: Despicable Me

By Drum Digital
16 February 2011

Rating 4/5

Animated comedy. 2010. 95 min. Voices: steve carell, Jason segel and russell brand.Directors: pierre coffin and chris renaud. pg.

It’s often said baddies make for more interesting characters than good guys. In this fantasy about rival criminals the bad guy is the central character – a wonderfully fresh twist on the usual family fare.

When the evil Gru (voiced by Carell) hears up-and-coming young baddie Vector (Segel) has stolen the pyramid of Giza he’s determined to reclaim his place as the world’s supervillain and hatches a plan to steal the moon. But then Vector gets his hands on the shrink ray gun Gru and his scientist sidekick Dr Nefario (Brand) need for their scheme. To help get him get it back, Gru adopts three orphan girls. But they have an agenda of their own...

The characters are original, the script is witty, the state-of-the-art animation looks 3D even in 2D and Gru’s giggling yellow robot minions will have you in stitches. Hugely entertaining from the first moment to the last. Bonus: Lots, including featurettes and a game.

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