DVD Review: Green Zone

By Drum Digital
08 October 2010

Rating 2/5

Thriller.2010. 110 min. with Matt Damon, Yigal Naor and Greg Kinnear. Director: Paul Greengrass.16vl.

“Bourne goes epic!” shouts the movie poster. That sets the tone for this war thriller set in Baghdad in which Damon once again teams up with Greengrass, director of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Damon plays the head of a USmilitary unit tasked with trying to find weapons of mass destruction – with no luck. Damon goes rogue –mysteriously without reprimand – and uncovers deceit and spin-doctoring around America’s presence in Iraq.

It’s refreshingly anti-war, but Damon’s baby-faced character seems too lightweight to make life-or-death calls and one soon senses the movie revolves solely around his presence. The handheld action shots provide a degree of authenticity but after a tense start Green Zone shallows to a B-grade action movie with a melodramatic ending. It’s Bourne all right, but it’s less than epic.

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