DVD Review: How to train your dragon

By Drum Digital
10 November 2010

Rating 4/5

Animation. 2010. 93 min.

Voices: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson.

Directors: Chris Sanders, Dean Deblois. PG.

Hiccup (Baruchel) is an unpopular, nerdy Viking boy who lives in a desolate village where it’s cool to slay dragons. The time has come for the accident-prone boy to train to fight dragons and face the rite of passage of killing one in front of his proud father, Stoick (voiced by Butler) – who’s not only the chief of the village but also the best dragon-slayer around.

The only problem is, he has secretly befriended and cares for a wounded dragon named Toothless. Will Hiccup slay the dragon and finally become the man his father and everyone else wants him to be, or will he stay true to his friend?

Young and old will love this cute computer-animated film with its zero-to-hero storyline. There are lots of likeable characters and action, and the dragon flying scenes will blow you away. Hands down the best DreamWorks production to date! Bonus: commentary, featurettes.

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