DVD Review: I love you Phillip Morris

By Drum Digital
08 December 2010

Rating 4/5

Comedy-drama. 2010. 94 min.

With Jim Carrey and ewan McGregor. Directors: Glenn ficarra, John Requa. 16lS.

This remarkable film tells the true story of one Steven Jay Russell (Carrey), a legendary conman, fraudster and escape artist currently serving an unbelievable 144-year, maximum-security jail sentence – even though he’s never committed a violent crime. In fact Steven, who’s gay, is a true romantic and this movie focuses on his passionate love for fellow convict Phillip Morris (McGregor), for whom he both escapes from jail and gets himself back inside again, just so they can be together.

Phillip loves him dearly but his heart is repeatedly broken as Steven’s constant escape attempts and fraudulent activities – impersonating judges, lawyers and doctors and even faking his own death – get the two of them deeper and deeper in trouble. Yet Steven just does it for love. Carrey is at his absolute best as he brings this complex character to life and McGregor matches him with a performance that makes their love and heartbreak totally convincing. Highly recommended. Bonus: interviews.

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