DVD Review: Letters to Juliet

By Drum Digital
14 October 2010

Rating 3/5

Romantic comedy. 2010. 130 min. With amanda seyfried, vanessa redgrave and peter christopher egan. director: gary Winick. pg. If your idea of a great evening in involves loads of cheesy romance, this movie is perfect for you. It may be a bit too cute and schmaltzy for some but the plot is unchallenging and lead actresses Seyfried and Redgrave’s performances are engaging.

Sophie (Seyfried) travels to Verona, Italy, with her fiancé for a romantic pre-wedding holiday. While he checks out the vineyards and restaurants Sophie comes across the Secretaries of Juliet, a group of women who counsel ladies with love issues. She’s touched by a 50-year-old letter and encourages Claire, the writer – now in her sixties – to come to Florence to find her long-lost love. What follows is a roadtrip across the beautiful Italian landscape as Sophie, Claire and her cynical grandson search for the meaning of true love.

Predictable but sweet, this is a great choice for a girls’ night. Bonus: featurettes, deleted and extended scenes.

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