DVD Review: The Code

By Drum Digital
20 October 2010

Rating 3/5

Action. 2009. 96 min. with Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas and rhada mitchell. Director: Mimi Leder.


A notorious thief, Keith Ripley (Freeman), recruits a younger – and much more charming – sidekick, Gabriel Martin (Banderas), to help him pull off a $40 million dollar jewellery heist so he can pay off his debt to the Russian mafia. The duo want to do the seemingly impossible: steal two antique Fabergé eggs from the heavily guarded hi-tech vault of a Russian museum in New York. But not all goes according to plan – the police catch wind of their plans and the KGB kidnap Ripley’s goddaughter (Mitchell).

This action-packed film (also known as Thick as Thieves) from acclaimed director Mimi Leder (Deep Impact) features an all-star cast and is full of deceit and thievery, but somehow lacks the depth of other heist pictures such as Ocean’s Eleven. Fans of Freeman and Banderas shouldn’t expect too much – you’ll see the twists coming a mile away. A straight-to-DVD heist movie but entertaining nonetheless.

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