DVD Review: The Karate Kid

By Drum Digital
05 January 2011

Rating 4/5

Action. 2010. 134 min. With Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Director: Harald Zwart. 13PGV .

If you’re a hardcore fan of the original movie you may feel a little hesitant to watch this remake, but apart from the title it’s nothing like the 1984 version and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying it thoroughly.

Jaden Smith – son of actors Will and Jada Smith – plays Dre, a 12-year-old American kid who moves to Beijing with his mother when she’s transferred there. It doesn’t take long for him to make friends and to meet a cute girl, but he also manages to make some enemies – including the school bully. Then a local repairman, Mr Han (Chan), takes the boy under his wing and teaches him karate moves – as well as a few important life lessons.

Chan and Smith work well together. The boy has loads of talent, no doubt inherited from his father, and Mr Han is probably one of Chan’s best characters yet. A Friday night movie the whole family will enjoy.

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