DVD Review: The men who stare at goats

By Drum Digital
08 September 2010

Rating 3/5

Comedy. 2009. 90 min. with George Clooney, Ewan Mcgregor, Jeff Bridges

and Kevin Spacey. Director: Grant Heslov. 16l.

Journalist Bob Wilton (McGregor) is covering the war in Iraq when he meets a retired soldier, Lyn Cassady (Clooney). Bob reckons he’s on to a great story when Lyn tells him he was once part of an elite US Army unit that trained “psychic spies” in incredible skills such as becoming invisible, bursting clouds and walking through walls...

The really wacky thing is that this isn’t made up – there really was such a unit. We flash back to the 1970s to meet eccentric officer Bill Django (a very funny Bridges), the man commissioned to research New Age fighting techniques and train others how to use them. His best students were Lyn and his rival, Larry Hooper (Spacey).

Back in Iraq, Bob and Lyn set out on an adventure-packed mission. Can Lyn put his amazing skills to practical use? It’s an hilarious ride finding out, even if things get a bit silly, and Clooney deserves an Oscar just for keeping a straight face. Bonus: featurettes including a must-see look at the real “psychic spies”.

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