DVD Review: W

By Drum Digital
26 January 2011

Rating 3/5

Biopic. 2009. 124 min. with Josh Brolin, James Cromwell and Ellen Burstyn.

Director:Oliver Stone. 13vl.

The title – former US president George W Bush’s middle initial, usually dumbed down with a Texan drawl to Dubya – may suggest the movie is a caricature of one of America’s most maligned leaders. But director Oliver Stone (JFK, Nixon, Alexander, Platoon) portrays George W surprisingly sympathetically as the black sheep of the family who lived in the shadow of his politician brother Jeb.

Dubya was a heavy-drinking, underachieving student at Yale University and his powerful father had to bail him out of jail several times. He became a born-again Christian, gave up drinking and, against all odds, was elected governor of Texas – a stepping stone to the White House where he made the controversial decision to invade Iraq.

W. is a series of lowlights of an unremarkable president, which begs the question: why make a film about him? But history buffs will find it fascinating for that very reason.

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