DVD: Shutter Island

By Drum Digital
28 July 2010

Rating 3/5 Psychological thriller. 2010. 132 min. with leonardo dicaprio, Mark ruffalo and Ben kingsley. director: Martin scorsese. 16vl.

Super-successful actor-director pair DiCaprio and Scorsese hook up for the fourth time in the film adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel by the same name.

The year is 1954.DiCaprio and Ruffalo are US marshalls investigating the disappearance of a female inmate from a seemingly impenetrable cell at an institution for the criminally insane on the ominous Shutter Island.

From the outset nothing is what it seems and a Hitchcockian undertone constantly looms – with a nasty twist at the end.

It’s genuinely chilling, but while this film has divided opinion it’s the director’s faithfulness to the elements of the classic thriller – a haunted remote location, threatening weather, mind games – that are more satisfying to revel in than the plot, which tends to over-explain itself at times.

The ending leaves the viewer more with sympathy for DiCaprio than a sense of reward at having survived what becomes a roller-coaster journey through insanity itself.

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