Dying your dreadlocks - after care

By Drum Digital
23 November 2013

Looking after your coloured locks.

After Dyeing Tips

  • In case it is not too late and you have still not locked your hair, the best bet would be to dye it first.
  • Rinse well after dyeing the hair, to remove each and every remains, else be prepared for hair fall and breakage.
  • The quantity of dye would be different from what you usually take. Since your dreadlock are like little sponges, you would require more color than what you actually need when dyeing regular hair. Remember, having more is always better than running out of it mid way. The extra can be used for touch ups!
  • At the time of washing your dreadlocks, make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that does not drain off the color. Also, do not mess with them too much.
  • At the time of sleeping, covering your dreadlocks would be a good idea. This would prevent dryness, thereby helping both the color and the shine remain intact. You can either go for a cap or a scarf. If that is irritating your sleep, using a silk or satin pillowcase would be fine.


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