Early childhood development is vital

By Drum Digital
04 July 2012

The issue of difficulty with learning especially numeracy and literacy by grade 3 pupils in South Africa could be curbed if early intervention is put in place.

The Unlimited Child organisation actively addresses the dire need for early childhood development in South Africa for kids aged between zero to six years old.

The organisation provides immediate impact on the lives of young children by supplying crèches with educational toys specifically designed to develop cognitive and fine motor skills in pre-schoolchildren.

At the same time, crèche care-givers are trained to ensure they know how to maximise the use of the toys and create stimulating learning environments.

“We are continuously confronted with the fact that parents view a crèche environment as a care facility rather than a vibrant stimulating place of learning,” says Cassy Healey, CEO of The Unlimited Child.

The organisation aims to reach 1,2 million children throughout South Africa over the next five years, but additional funding and duplication of the model by other organisations are required to reach this goal.

In a bid to help children realise their full potential there’s been an initiative by the currently Durban based organisation to assist in doing so and now on a mission to spread across the country.

It has been operating in Durban for fours now and is branching to Gauteng and subsequent to that others as well. But funding is the obstacle and wants people, civil society and government to take a stand and play their part in implementing this programme.

Healey says, it only costs a mere R480 to help stimulate a child’s five sense thus making the possibility of being whatever they desire in life.

“Only then, can we ensure that thousands more children enter school with ready minds and the capacity to reach their full potential,” Healey concludes.

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