Ed’s note

By Drum Digital
10 June 2014

What DRUM's Editor has to say

I’m not one to comment on other people’s marriages.

This week, however, I’m going to make an exception for it is not often a celebrity couple celebrates their 10th wedding anniversary, as in the case of kwaito star Mandoza and his wife, Mpho.

Every other week we tell you about yet another celebrity marriage on the rocks. It is the ultimate celebrity challenge, and it isn’t just our Mzansi celebrities who have to face it.

“I wonder how long will it last?” is the most frequently asked question whenever a celebrity couple is announced.

Well, in the case of Mandoza and Mpho it has lasted a solid 10 years.

This achievement was, of course, not without its challenges. You see, unlike most of us who deal with our relationship ups and downs in private, celebrity couples don’t have that luxury.

Their marriages are public affairs, laid bare for all to see and judge – be it good or bad. As if a marriage on its own is not difficult enough!

This is exactly what Mandoza and Mpho have been through – all of married life’s challenges while facing public scrutiny and judgement.

Their union gives us hope that as long as you hold on tight to each other, there is nothing that will come between you: not fame, material wealth or even bankruptcy.

We wish them and their family the best. Enjoy the rest of your DRUM

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