Ed's Note: Why are we so reluctant to adopt children?

By Drum Digital
04 July 2014

WHY is adoption such a contentious issue in black society?

Why is adoption such a contentious issue in black society?

For the main and pragmatic part, one can understand why. In Africa we say it takes a village to raise a child. Most of us are already looking after children who are not biologically ours.

Every month we have to send money to needy relatives and every school holiday we play a role in their upbringing when they’re at our homes.

So, a decision to adopt a child “from outside” becomes a broader family one. “Why adopt a perfect stranger when the family is full of children who need you to support them?” most people are asked. Take note: it is almost always the financial-support role that is prioritised.

What happens, then, to those parents-to-be who want to love and parent their own children instead of just being called on every month to be reminded of their financial obligations?

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