EFF allegedly offering plots in exchange for membership

By Drum Digital
13 April 2015

The EFF in KwaZulu-Natal is allegedly offering plots of illegally claimed land in Ballito in exchange for joining the party.

This emerged as hundreds of people descended on vacant land on the outskirts of the plush seaside town on Monday.

While they attempted to occupy the land for a second time, a woman - understood to be a land claimant in EFF regalia - was killed when she was struck by a car while crossing the N2 near the contested piece of land. Two other people were seriously injured.

IPSS medical rescue spokesperson Paul Herbst confirmed that three people had been struck by a car while crossing the N2.

A small group of EFF members had occupied the land on Sunday and built a shack overnight.

Police officers had forced the crowd to disperse on Monday morning, but the mob later returned and held what appeared to be an ad hoc recruitment drive. EFF members were passing out membership forms which people filled in, and were then led to onto the land to secure a plot for themselves.

EFF leader Lindani Mthembu said that his members were reclaiming what was rightfully theirs.

“When [Jan] Van Riebeeck came here he took the land from the people and we are just taking it back. We are not hurting anyone and not stealing anything because this land is lying unused. So what we will do is take the land and build our shacks because the people can’t breathe where they are living now,” he said.

“So we will bring the people from Shaka’s Head and let them build here.”

When quizzed about the membership forms, Mthembu said: “The people have realised that the EFF is a party that will act for them. They have realised that we are doing this for the community because they were living like pigs.”

-Source: News24

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