EFF: ANC using Sars to hold Malema hostage

By Drum Digital
13 February 2014

“Our dream of achieving economic freedom in our lifetime is one which we will pursue until we win the elections,” said Advocate Dali Mpofu at a press briefing held at the Protea Hotel in Centurian on Thursday.

Mpofu accused the ANC of using the South African Revenue Service (Sars) as a political tool to fight their battles. The conference came after a statement made by SARS Spokesperson, Andrew Lackay that declared Malema’s political career as “finished.”

“It is against the constitution to prevent any member of the public from standing for public office just because he is poor,” Mpofu said.

Malema has been taken to court by Sars on the grounds that he has outstanding tax and interests to the value of R16-million.  Malema has until 26 May to tell the court why the provisional sequestration order should not be made final.

Mpofu sighted section 19 of the South African constitution which allows any member of the public to stand for public office, without prejudice, and believes the ANC will use the final sequestration as a political tool to prevent him from participation in the upcoming national elections.  “People are day dreaming if they think Malema will not be the president of this nation,” said Mpofu.

EFF head of international relations, Magdalene Moonsamy, said the integrity of SARS is at stake.

“We are questioning the institution. What has happened with the money from the repossessions?” she asked.

Some wonder what the Economic Freedom Fighters would do without the leadership of Malema, but party leaders are confident that their legal proceedings will be successful and vow to take the matter to the Constitutional Court.

“This attack is not on Malema as a person. He is a symbol of the ideals by which we stand for, it is these ideals that are under attack,” Mpofu added.

Party leaders denied suggestions that a trust will be established to accept funding from the public, but said they welcome any independent process of fundraising.

Mpofu said: "Thousands of people have offered to make donations to prevent the sequestration…We will continue with our programmes and activates towards the election victory.” - by Ayanda Sitole

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