EFF calls for Anglo-American nationalisation

By Drum Digital
10 December 2015

The Economic Freedom Fighters have called for the nationalization of all Anglo-American mining assets with a view to stop massive job losses and hunger.

By Ayanda Sitole

On Tuesday, the mining company announced that they would be cutting their workforce from 135 000 to 50 000 due to the instability of commodity prices.

“This move by Anglo-American is proof that private capital is failing to manage the mining business because with more than a century of doing business in this sector, they should have enough reserves to take care of bad days instead of sacrificing the very workers that have made them who they are,” says Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, EFF Parliamentary spokesperson.

The EFF believes Anglo-American is a multi-national that without any development and expansion into manufacturing, has robbed South Africa of its tax base through profit shifting, mispricing and tax avoidance.

“Above robbing the country of its tax base, they now plan to cast more workers into unemployment and hunger, thus transferring the burden to the State and the people’s taxes they have failed to contribute to,” Ndlozi adds.

The EFF calls on Anglo-American to surrender all mining assets to the state with a guaranteed ownership share by the workers directly. “No one should sympathise with mining bosses because they have done nothing for the South African economy to grow, and for local manufacturing and beneficiation,” he says. “The natural minerals they’ve extracted have only ever benefited the bosses and their families, leaving many towns in hunger and destitution

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