EFF says it will shut down all tertiary institutions in Tshwane

By Drum Digital
11 October 2016

The Economic Freedom Fighters' (EFF) student command says it will shut down all institutions of higher education in Tshwane

Pretoria - .

On Monday EFF student command leader Mpho Morolane told reporters that they would ensure that the University of Pretoria remained shut, as well as the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges in the surrounding areas.

"We remain resolute that the struggle is continuing, tomorrow we will be shutting down TVET colleges.

"TUT is scheduled to open on Wednesday and we'll be going there to shut it down on Wednesday. The shutdown continues here at the University of Pretoria tomorrow," Morolane said.

Earlier on Monday, several students were barred from entering the university's Hatfield campus to attend a dialogue with academics and management.

While some managed to make their way in through designated entrances, others took their chances by attempting to climb over walls.

A dialogue was subsequently held with affected parties who were present. Students of different races as well as academics took their turns voicing their opinions on the current shutdown at the institution as well as on the call for free, higher education.

However, the meeting came to an end after a number of students raised their disappointment over the fact that the dialogue was continuing without the presence of the larger student body, which was still barred from entering the campus.

Students left the amphitheatre, where the dialogue had been held, and marched towards the entrance on Prospect Road where other students were waiting amid heavy police presence. The group then staged a sit in on the corner of Festival and Burnett streets, where those who were at the dialogue relayed what had been discussed.

Source: News24

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