EFF using Nazi tactics: Mantashe

By Drum Digital
29 July 2014

The way Adolf Hitler used brown shirts to mobilise support was the same tactic being used by the EFF with its red overalls, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Tuesday.

"Nazi's didn't start by killing Jews," he told reporters in Johannesburg.

"They started by making many promises... developed a uniform of brown shirts, mobilised society, [and] when it was in power only then did it kill Jews and put them in concentration camps."

The EFF has started wearing red overalls and domestic worker attire in legislatures across the country. This resulted in clashes between the party and the Gauteng legislature last week after they were told the overalls bearing the word "Asijiki" (we won't go back) on the back is not appropriate for the legislature.

Mantashe said the comparison was fair, based on a political analysis of Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters.

It was evident in the behaviour the party reflected.

"You make huge promises, you couch your language with what is... revolutionary sounding rhetoric.

"It sounds revolutionary but when you dig deep it is hollow," he said.

It was a dangerous emerging trend and an issue that needed to be dealt with before the country's democracy and state institutions were undermined.

"The danger of it, is that once it catches fire, anarchy and destruction becomes a trend in the country.

"It's an emerging trend but its signs are worrying because similar trends have developed in history," Mantashe said.


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