EFF v/s ANC at TUT Soshanguve campus

By Drum Digital
24 June 2015

Zuma was not visiting the university as a president of the country but representing his political organization- Ntobeng Ntobeng.

ANC and EFF university students clashed during President Jacob Zuma’s Siyahlola programme at the Tshwane University of Technology in Soshanguve yesterday, reports Daily Sun.

Youngsters in ANC T-shirts wouldn’t let EFF members enter the hall at the university’s Soshanguve main campus, where Zuma was to address thousands of students and guests.

According to Daily Sun, chanting EFF members were mocked by ANC members holding broken bottles, stones and broomsticks.

People fled in panic when about 50 youngsters in EFF T-shirts were attacked.

ANC members injured EFF members and burned their red T-shirts.

The few cops there couldn’t stop the chaos and were attacked.

A few EFF members pushed their way into the hall to hear Zuma’s speech.

Zuma said: “We received a few complaints from the students about issues including the state of bedrooms and female bathrooms which did not provide dignity and privacy.

“Some of the students had no accommodation and had to sleep in unused classrooms not designed as sleeping rooms,” he told Daily Sun.

“People protest because they demand something. We must exercise our rights but have the responsibility to respect other people’s rights.

“You can protest, but do it peacefully. Remember you are the leaders of the future,” said Zuma.

The Gauteng Economic Freedom Fighters Ntobeng Ntobeng (Provincial Spokesperson) told DRUM that it is evident that Zuma was not visiting the university as a president of the country but representing his political organization, hence the bussing of its members and thugs. “Once more, the South African Police Services (SAPS) were used to advance attacks on anyone wearing red at the same time pretending to restoring peace”, he said.

“We wish to put it on record that we can no longer allow our members to be constantly attacked by the ANC and its private army (SAPS). Very soon we will have to defend ourselves as even the police have on many occasions proven that we are non-citizens. The reality is that the EFF Student Command Team contested SRC elections for the first time and we are proudly represented in that university. Therefore, if the ANC thinks it will bully EFF members around, they have got another thing coming. Yes we will never condone black on black violence, however it is only fair for one to defend himself when one is attacked.

Zuma must know that everywhere he goes, he will have to answer as to when is he Paying Back the Money?” there is nowhere to run”, he concluded.

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